Screening and DBS for work overseas

Once the COVID virus has been tamed and the world is back to normal we can consider different opportunities.

Have you envisioned a dream career at sea? In comparison to other forms of employment, you will have to undergo a few more steps, to navigate the shores. A few of these requirements involve proof of your identitiy; such as passport, DBS check, nationality and your rights to work in the U.K.

Irrespective of marine work, in most professions you will require the DBS check. A DBS check helps prospective employers identify candidates who are suitable for the positions. Similarly, sometimes medical checks are required but are not always essential. However, in the marine industry, you must have a medical check for any job.

What do I require?

To prove to an employer you’ve had a medical check, you will require a seafarer medical certificate. Depending on which certification you need you can either get the ENG1 or ML5. First of all, the ENG1 who works in the merchant navy or on cargo ships.

However, the ML5 is specifically for people who work on passenger ships and are crew members. You must have these before you begin work. Once you show a maritime company your certificate, it’s more than likely they will make the job offer a conditional one.

How do I get a medical?

If you require a medical, do note the NHS does not cover your medicals, and not every practice does them. To find out where you can get a medical check from you can check the government website for a list of verified agencies.

Do be aware if you find a doctor through the NHS, you will have to pay their consultancy fee but also for the medical report, which is higher than what the government sets.

Once you’ve passed your medical, you won’t need another one for two years. However, if you become ill at any time, your license will be revoked.

Will I need a DBS check to work on a cruise ship?

We would be lying to say the cruise industry wasn’t affected by COVID-19. Not only because of this pandemic is it tough to get a job in this sector, but you have to jump other hurdles.

If you apply for a job working with children on a cruise line, it’s mandatory you undergo a DBS check. What will happen, is that your prospective employer will check if you have a criminal background and if so, they won’t hire you.

Most of the time, cruise ships pay the cost of a DBS check and certificate for their candidates. However, depending on the company, they may ask you to finance it upfront and then reimburse you later in your first payment. If you’re applying from overseas, you may be asked to submit one and a certificate to show you have good character.

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