Can I get my own DBS check?

Initially, when DBS first launched in the U.K, its purpose was to serve as a criminal record checking service. In particular, it was to keep vulnerable individuals safe in the workplace and other areas from criminals.

As soon as this launched, Scotland and Northern Ireland followed. However, since its first launch, the system has changed, and that has involved you being able to request your DBS check.

Requesting my DBS check

In the U.K, you can’t request a DBS check on others you can only ask for yourself. To do this, you have to go through a verification process through a government portal.

This procedure prevents you from checking up on other people such as relatives or friends, without them knowing. Moreover, the DBS is stringent in checks for fraud; therefore if you want your certificate, we suggest not to risk checking on others.

Limited DBS check

If you’re requesting a check on yourself, you will only be able to get a basic check. This check highlights any cautions or convictions you’ve been held accountable. One of the significant factors of a conviction showing up is the type of conviction and the age you were convicted.

If you’re unsure if yours may show up, you can research this online.

The other two forms of DBS check, you cannot apply. The standard and enhanced DBS are more thorough, which can show older convictions and cautions. Further to this, you can only get these types of checks if a potential employer has requested them. Similarly, this job has to come under regulated activity.

How do I apply?

A basic DBS check involves no third party and is a straightforward process. You will need to go to the government portal and register. On the contrary, if you’ve registered your income tax online, manage benefits or use any government services, you may be able to use this login.

Upon your registration you will have to confirm your identity which often involves showing your passport, driving license and electoral role, to verify who you are. Once done, apply and wait for your check in the post.

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