Can Volunteers Get Free DBS Checks?

More and more employers are requesting potential employees to get a DBS check certificate. And it’s not just for paid employment. Organisations that take on volunteers have the same duties and responsibilities to make sure that vulnerable groups are safeguarded. Even voluntary organisations that don’t work with children or vulnerable adults might require a criminal … Continue reading “Can Volunteers Get Free DBS Checks?”

What Documents Do You Need For A DBS Check Application?

When you apply for a DBS check, you need to provide certain documents as proof of identity. The documents that are acceptable as proof of identity vary depending on the type of check, whether it is Basic or Standard or Enhanced. We have listed the documents that are provided for each DBS Check to support … Continue reading “What Documents Do You Need For A DBS Check Application?”

Why are DBS checks important?

More and more employers are requesting DBS checks to be carried out at the application stage. But why are so many employers keen to get them done and what are the benefits? What is a DBS check? DBS checks involve searching through an individual’s criminal record to highlight any convictions or prior offences. The individual … Continue reading “Why are DBS checks important?”

DBS Checks For Taxi Drivers And Chauffeurs

Job opportunities for driving private hire cabs have grown over the past ten years. The rise of Uber and Lyft has made it easier than ever for people to obtain paid work driving their own minicab.  To get a licence to drive a minicab or act as a chauffeur you need to apply through the … Continue reading “DBS Checks For Taxi Drivers And Chauffeurs”