Do lockdown offences affect DBS checks?

Alarmingly, at the end of April 2020, the U.K government had recorded over 9000 fines concerning lockdown. The majority related to people breaking the rules of lockdown. However, as soon as the restrictions slowly got lifted, police found themselves subject to stopping large gatherings and sent many fines. Such individuals who found themselves subject to … Continue reading “Do lockdown offences affect DBS checks?”

Government stressed to modify NHS “Pay to Work”

What springs to your mind when you think of front line workers in the U.K.? One area of the front line that might arise is the wonderful workers of the NHS. 2020 has been a year which has made us gain more respect for the risk-taking staff of the NHS. What may surprise you though, … Continue reading “Government stressed to modify NHS “Pay to Work””

Can I get my own DBS check?

Initially, when DBS first launched in the U.K, its purpose was to serve as a criminal record checking service. In particular, it was to keep vulnerable individuals safe in the workplace and other areas from criminals. As soon as this launched, Scotland and Northern Ireland followed. However, since its first launch, the system has changed, … Continue reading “Can I get my own DBS check?”

Do face mask fines show up on a DBS Check?

Due to the new normal, wearing a face mask in the U.K has been somewhat controversial. Generally, the majority of the population has to wear a facemask because it is the law. On the contrary, some may be exempt from doing so if they have medical difficulties. However, if you get caught not wearing one, … Continue reading “Do face mask fines show up on a DBS Check?”