How Do Volunteer DBS Checks Work?

Voluntary work is subject to similar restrictions as paid employment when it comes to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. Many volunteer positions involve working with vulnerable groups or handling sensitive data and information. For this reason, organisations that take on volunteers need to verify that the voluntary staff they hire are unlikely to pose a … Continue reading “How Do Volunteer DBS Checks Work?”

DBS Checks For Employers Supervising Young People On Work Experience

Monitoring young people during work experience may seem like an ordinary thing to do, but we at are regularly asked if it is mandatory for employees to hold a valid DBS Check certificate. Therefore, this guide is here to provide information on supervising young people in work experience. If you are not certain whether … Continue reading “DBS Checks For Employers Supervising Young People On Work Experience”

Do lockdown offences affect DBS checks?

Alarmingly, at the end of April 2020, the U.K government had recorded over 9000 fines concerning lockdown. The majority related to people breaking the rules of lockdown. However, as soon as the restrictions slowly got lifted, police found themselves subject to stopping large gatherings and sent many fines. Such individuals who found themselves subject to … Continue reading “Do lockdown offences affect DBS checks?”

Government stressed to modify NHS “Pay to Work”

What springs to your mind when you think of front line workers in the U.K.? One area of the front line that might arise is the wonderful workers of the NHS. 2020 has been a year which has made us gain more respect for the risk-taking staff of the NHS. What may surprise you though, … Continue reading “Government stressed to modify NHS “Pay to Work””